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This is a FREE Programme.. It is made for Mustafa ALTINTAŞ, who had retired in Karacabey Nasrullah Ağa Mosque in 1990, It's prepared with his own voice records, although they are amateur studies, we hoped to help any people interested in in the world in Reading Styles of Holy Koran in Turkish Makams.        Mustafa ALTINTAŞ, was born in 1941, in a village of Mustafakemalpaşa, Bursa, Turkey. First, he became a Hafız (a person who has learned the Koran by heart) in Mustafakemalpaşa and then he went on his religious education in Bursa, then İstanbul. He started to work as a teacher of Koran in Giresun. The second place was Mustafakemalpaşa, and the last working place was Karacabey. He worked as a mosque prayer just for 25 years there. He helped hundreds of people to learn and understand the Koran. He learned the Reading Styles of Holy Koran in 13 Turkish Makams and Linguistic of Arabics, and he had taught it to many people.            After an unexpected operation from his vertebra, he could not live. When he died, it was a Friday, 07.05.2004 and he was 63 years old.        God Bless Him.       You should have Media Player 7.0 installed at your computer. I do need a free hosting to place all this files nearly 50 mb. If you have any advice, email me please.       You can also have all these files working directly on a Web CD-Rom. You should send me an email and contact with me that to handle the posting cost. Then I will drive you to my bank number: "Kemal ALTINTAŞ" (my name),  Turkey - Bursa / Mustafakemalpaşa-Yapı Kredi Bank,  IBAN- TR020006701000000062986430  (my bank number.)  THIS IS FOR THE COST OF SHIPPING.     For any other ways you know, you can email me..   (Email to:     God Bless Us!   Thanks to:  Niyazi TALAY (RIP now) For his Helps... (Glass Seller in MKP, BURSA, TURKEY)
Reading Styles of Holy Koran in Turkish Makams (Click the blue buttons to play and listen.)  
Mustafa ALTINTAŞ 1941-2004